Finding the balance between work and life.

I’ve recently read this isn’t a thing. There is no such thing as a work-life balance. When you are succeeding in one you are inevitably failing in another. Hmmm…

I started this business with my husband years ago, thinking this would be best for my desire to be home more with our daughter, to be able to go on vacation, to take something to UPS during business hours…well! For a while, that’s how it went. I started by helping with order coordination. I was able to learn about printing on heathered shirts (more to come on this in the near future) and extensive labeling and drop shipping single large items to every grocery store in the nation. I could do this part-time. I could do this and still volunteer.

But, as we grew (thank you to everyone who helped this happen), my role grew. I knew I couldn’t be our coordinator when our client list doubled in a week. I was never that organized anyway…and, I just piss vendors off with questions like, “did you mean to put the imprint on upside down?” Kristin, our current coordinator is a rockstar. She really is able to fully account for the location and stage of each product that has been created. And, she communicates well with everyone…that’s helpful. We definitely had to take a step back and lay all our skills on the table and find all new roles for ourselves. This was so easy as we were naturally excelling at what we each were best at, we just had to face the music. Seth was no longer going to be struggling over decisions and worried if clients liked him, he could sit in his office and design beautiful web pages, create art and products and I would be the decider, the boss.

It’s a weird role, being boss of your husband. But, egos aside, I’m really good at making decisions. He HATES it. I am less worried about being liked, I like everyone for him…and regardless if they like me. And, despite my overloaded calendar, I feel like I have more time in my life to do the things I love. I spend my afternoons playing Barbies, I started running and meditating in the mornings, I have joined networks and am on the PTA board…but, I feel rested. Everything fits. I’m not fighting my incompatibility with coordinating orders and my husband is not asking me if a client doesn’t like him 10 times a day. So, occasionally choosing to take a client meeting instead of playing Barbies is okay. I occasionally miss a tennis lesson, too. But, I tell clients that I am unavailable to meet some days. And, I outsourced quite a bit of my task list. Balance. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling.

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