How MFi certified swag can keep people remembering your brand in a GOOD way

How many people do you know that have an iPhone? Almost everyone, right? I’m currently writing this on an iPhone.

And, for all of us who do enjoy the features available to us and the simplicity of using an iPhone, we have some frustrations as well. One of which is the extremely aggravating message “this accessory may not be compatible.” Or, worse, waking up to a 13% charge after leaving it plugged in all night and having a busy day to attend to.

The acronym really isn’t even necessary to remember (for those who are interested, it’s Made For iPhone/iproducts…is iproducts an apple term?). It just means that the manufacturer has gone through elaborate lengths to ensure their cords will be compatible with said iproducts.

Screenshot 2018-06-11 07.18.00

I have to admit, this post is a direct result of having this happen to me recently. I normally don’t accept cheap swag mailers from vendors, but I needed a couple of cords both for my bedroom (where the outlet is further away than I’d be able to reach my phone using a standard issue iPhone cable) and my car (because the old one was shredded with wires poking out). So, I put one of these nice, braided and really long cables in each of the aforementioned locations and went about my business, using them successfully for nearly 3 months.

Until….that dreaded day when, in the middle of my learning Spanish podcast, my phone and car lost the ability to communicate. Not remembering about MFi, I unplugged and replugged and got another 3 minutes…repeated this series of events while dragon breathing and growling at my car a few more times before giving up and submitting to radio broadcasting. My cord in the bedroom went out the following week, when I heard my phone vibrating on my nightstand repeatedly in the middle of the night like an adult toy. (Blush). Only this was not fun. I had 2 meetings before 9am, a school event, an order to deliver and life stuff happening and no time to charge to get much more than 30% from a new cord.

Each time I went through these events, I was reminded that this vendor had sent me crap. I didn’t feel like this was sent to me out of appreciation for even considering using them or the time I took to read their mailer. They did not care. They really just wanted my attention.

I don’t want any of my clients to be thought of like I think about that vendor. So, when I tell you chargers really are $12 each, it’s because as a gift giver, you shouldn’t be resented for your gift of choice. I’m sure you look for quality when choosing a gift for your mom, neighbor, kid’s teacher…your potential clients, staff and job seekers should be gifted in the same way. It’s just good business practice.

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