Open letter about better corporate gifting

Hi ya’ll,

We hear ya. Between the 32 emails regarding your upcoming gift orders, the desire to scroll through a medium sized catalog of curated options…ones that you know are high quality and preferably not something you’ve seen before, the steps it takes to place an order and going back and forth on proofing…it’s a lot. For us, too.

We have been hard at work developing a new site for you to be able to order online. We are taking so much of the guess work out of your gift orders and bringing you unique and high end items to order online.

Introducing, coolperx. Coolperx is our solution to your biggest challenges with ordering branded merchandise and corporate gifts. We aren’t weighed down by highly commoditized trinkets and wiggly-blow up car wash dudes. This site is a specific answer to some of our clients’ direct requests. You’ll still get our beloved customer service and feel completely warm and fuzzy, but you also can order quickly and get on with your day.

We went retail. These are items you’d see at Nordstrom and the corner boutique. But, we have worked with the vendors on ensuring we get exclusive pricing for corporate orders.

For your holiday group gifts, check us out! We have so many quantity ranges, price ranges and category ranges…so that you feel confident that your order matches exactly what you’re looking for.

Have a great weekend!


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