Are your employees feeling appreciated?

If you continue to follow me through this blog, for however long I can come up with interesting and helpful things to say, you’ll notice that I lean heavily toward the HR/employee engagement side of business. It’s not just because I have a background in managing people, but because I believe strongly in the impact employees have on your team, your business and your goals. Research article after research article say the same thing, that engaged and well-treated employees perform better, stay longer and increase overall drive to your business. But, did we actually need research for this?

Sometimes as administrators, managers, assistants…the order takers and planners of the world, we get so locked in our heads and our task lists that we forget the fundamental goals of some of our purchases. But, remember the last time your boss gave you something great? How did it make you feel?

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I have been told that I’m a great gift giver. And, with the exception of buying from a registry (which I think is equally as important), my gifts are personal to the recipient. I don’t get gifts for everyone and I don’t obligatorily give gifts. But, I deeply care that the gift I give is received as a token of my appreciation.

Whether your team needs awards or jackets or something special, I help you by looking at both your goal and your budget. Your team may only need one water bottle this year, one jacket and a Bluetooth speaker…and I’ll help ensure your team feels appreciated. Plus, bosses love when you can come up with a solution that helps out with the budget AND engagement!

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