What exactly is promotional merchandise???

Promotional merchandise is such vague name for the gifts our clients buy from us. What exactly is promotional merchandise anyway?

Well, we can start at it’s simplest definition (made up by me, just now): any item that promotes your business, campaign or event.

Did that get any clearer? Probably not.

That’s because bands and musicians promote their concerts through t-shirt sales. Banks promote their services through awards and referral gifts. Car dealers promote their businesses with a jumper cable kit or an ice scraper. Amazon promotes their teams with t-shirts and water bottles. Microsoft promotes their teams with Patagonia jackets (sign me up for a job!). Wine brands promote wines with ice buckets and cork screws. Spirit brands promote their drinks through stickers and coasters. Dentists promote their businesses with toothbrushes. Employers promote their safety campaigns with slogans on vests and benchmark rewards. Human Resources departments promote their job satisfaction campaigns with journals and pens and bluetooth speakers.

There really is no category of merchandise that can’t be used to help in a promotion. But, it is too easy to get lost in the shuffle of 10,000 items per page of online shopping when all you need is that one perfect item.

While coolperx has a variety of products to promote your endeavors, we have simplified things. We aren’t a superstore filled with commoditized trinkets. We have curated gifts and giveaways based on quality, trends and the items our clients request most often.

And, getting lost in the shuffle is impossible. We have a dedicated buying assistant for you on each order. He or she will be available from your initial questions and tips on product selection, through your proofing, and there to ensure delivery and satisfaction.

Try it out. Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised with our selection, prices and quality…and, very importantly, your experience. Because, we know you have better things to do.

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