Why we’re giving you a glassybaby

Coolperx is a relatively new division, started last year as a result of our clients really looking for a better way to find and buy branded merchandise. In taking meetings, polling and asking so many questions over the last few years, we were really able to hone in on the types of things our clients were looking for and the ways they were looking to purchase.

The things we have found that people were looking for:

  • Unique corporate gifts
  • Competitive prices
  • The ability to buy online
  • Higher quality branded merchandise
  • Curated selection of promotional products
  • Low minimum quantities
  • A direct point of contact
  • A way to pay with a credit card
  • The ability to order after hours or on weekends
  • A quick and easy process without so many meetings and back and forth emails

And, coolperx delivers. We have not only made the ordering process better, but we have made it easier to find better gifts in your budget.

The process is simple. Either search for an item or browse our catalog of hand selected items, select your quantity, color, and decoration, upload your art and check out! We then reach out to you so you’ll have the name, number and email of your direct contact and have a safety net in case any mistakes were made in the ordering process. And, if your art isn’t perfect, we’ll still get it right.

capture d'écran 2019-01-13 14.49.55

Our items are the best versions on the market. When other companies are selling The North Face promotional line, we carry several items in The North Face retail line.

capture d'écran 2019-01-13 14.58.51

As a way to say ‘Thank You’ for your trying out coolperx, we are gifting you with a glassybaby with your first purchase on coolperx.

We not only stand by our site, so much that we are calling this our ‘Welcome Program’, but we stand by our selection of products. As a product we sell, glassybaby is our first choice in client gifts. We know that you’ll discover how easy it is to purchase and how great our selections are. Our clients at Microsoft, Amazon and Google already know!

The only requirements to qualify are to purchase one promotional or corporate gift order on coolperx at the minimum order quantity listed on the product page using your work email. And, one glassybaby per person.

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