A great wellness program includes…

Ah, January. A fresh start. Renewed motivation…

Employers all over the country want to encourage the health of their team. A healthy team is a productive team. A team with longevity can save a company money in the amounts people use expletives to describe.

As a company supporting these endeavors, we thought it would be a good idea to lay out what we’ve learned from our clients and own experience in what makes a great wellness program.

  1. Buy in. This is the most important one, which is why it’s not buried in this list. The number one thing that will make or break a wellness program is the investment made by the people who are in the program.
  2. Actual measurable goals. This may be pounds lost or miles walked/run/biked as a whole organization. It could be increase in flu vaccinations or reports for workplace injuries…all, of course, OSHA compliant.
  3. Tangible benefits. This seems like it’s a self-fulfilling requirement, right? The tangible benefit of dropping pounds is weight loss! But, if that was enough motivation, then there would be less obesity. There needs to be a reward at the end of the effort that the employee actually is motivated to achieve. A company retreat, perhaps? A new Tumi bag from coolperx?
  4. Motivating equipment. Things like custom branded water bottles, towels and yoga mats are great and last all year. The most successful wellness programs I’ve seen either have a lot of employer sponsorship, like a bi-weekly on-site yoga class or they are themed and reinforce the tangible benefit…like a nice travel kit if the reward is a trip.

Whatever your wellness program looks like, take advantage of the perx 😉


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