Product Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport

Doesn’t it seem odd to do a product review on a pen? But, I get asked quite often about inexpensive custom pens that are good quality. It’s always a fine line between inexpensive and good quality, and we do have a few options on coolperx. But, I personally always come back to the Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport.

I’m a journal writer, I love planners, I write ‘thank you’ and ‘just thinking about you’ cards constantly. I hand write about as much as I type. And, while I used to pick up whatever pen was nearest me, I now find myself (and have caught Seth doing the same) digging through our supply drawers looking for these pens. We have them in both the blue and the black ink, love the weight and width of the pen…but, most of all, we love that it’s reliably smooth and long lasting.


capture d'écran 2019-01-11 14.15.13The Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport would definitely fall under the promotional products category as they can be branded with your company logo or name, but double categorize budget-wise by being an office supply. These retractable, customizable pens come in both blue and black ink, although the blue ink only comes in a black pen. The pen is a hybrid ink that is as smooth as a gel ink, but dries like a roller ball. With a 1.0mm roller ball (Uni-Ball says the line is 0.45mm), it doesn’t write too wide looking sloppy or too narrow causing you to rip holes in your notebook. The black barrel comes with a contrasting trim that I don’t love, but is helpful if you have blue ink and have a blue trim. The rubber grip is nice, it is not too bulky and not soft enough to get greasy or dirty feeling.


This pen brands well and lasts a long time. And, if your customers and employees love them, they will continue using them and your marketing dollars don’t end up thrown away in two weeks. I also believe that pens have a rare opportunity in your marketing or promotional budget to spread. As a nurse, I have a long track record of picking up pens all over town. I have some from hotels I’ve never stayed at in cities I’ve never visited. But, once, when I was writing with a pen from one said hotel in AZ, it sparked a conversation with a lady at the bank who loved her stay at that hotel. When I traveled across the country, I stayed at that hotel!! All because of a $2.00~ pen!


Hotels – because (see above).

Restaurants – because they fall into this category that hotels do (so, see above).

Tech companies and startups – because, let’s be honest, you don’t spend a ton of money on the ink and paper stuff…these aren’t the cheapest option, but if you are going to buy something and have it reliably work for people who don’t regularly use this type of thing, it should always work and feel good.

Doctor’s offices – While I don’t think these are a great fit for hospitals because of the cost, private medical practices are still competing for business and want their patients feeling like the doctors care about everything they do. It always makes me feel relaxed when airlines and medical offices pay attention to the small details. I know that if they do that, they pay attention to the big ones.

Realtors – When you have a job that requires you to build trust with people, especially trust in how you’ll care for others, then giveaways that are super cheap and untrustworthy are counterintuitive. See Doctor’s offices above.

Contractors and construction – These pens won’t smear and work for a long time. The little details are important in this job and reliable custom pens are great for employee supplies and marketing giveaways alike. The market is saturated and all the little things make a big difference.

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