Product Review: 2-Piece Web Cam Cover

I have had more requests for webcam covers this month than I’ve ever gotten for anything. I’m wondering if a 60 Minutes special featured something to make this push…

One thing I do know is not all branded webcam covers are created equal. We’ve replaced many-a-cheap custom webcam cover that clients have purchased online with this one.Custom webcam cover 2-piece webcam cover


It’s hard to write a review of a custom webcam cover when all I want to say is: this one is my recommendation. I’ve tried many and this is the best.

The adhesive sticks. The cover slides easily. The branding area, while super tiny, allows for a complex and very clear logo. It’s slim and doesn’t interfere with shutting my laptop.

Do you need more information than that? I’d be happy to answer questions!


Safety. Everyone appreciates that.


We have created this item for many clients over the last few months (and prior) for branded giveaways of all kinds. My favorites have been in the women’s programs and promotion of online safety with students.

Schools- Computers are a part of our everyday lives, and that is no different for our kids. These are a great part of any school computer program and school computer safety program. Also, we have made them to promote high school girls in the tech industry with a “Girls Who Code” branded webcam cover, which I thought was clever.

Women’s oriented programs- We recently fulfilled a large order for these for a Women in Tech program. What a great way to support the women in this male dominated industry than to support their safety!

Anyone attending a trade show- I don’t often recommend trade show giveaways, but these fit in that price point and are useful. Surprisingly, people are still using sticky notes and bandages for this purpose and are grateful to get a real webcam cover to use.

Companies who onboard with computers- Giving out computers to new staff members requires a level of trust. Letting your employees use their own covers may result in scratched lenses, adhesive that just won’t come off easily and ends up looking terrible later.

Tech companies and startups- these organizations have people who spend most of their working lives on computers. Custom webcam covers create a unique opportunity to add a message where they spend most of their time…whether it’s a small image to add sunshine or a logo…it’s in their face all day.

Security firms- what a great way to prospect new clients! These webcam covers are in line with your mission and are a gift your clients will appreciate.


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