Decoding Your Swag Ordering Process

The first of the “Decoding” series of posts…I have been asked to decode how to best order from coolperx.

That answer really depends on the buyer’s preference.

coolperx was developed as a tool in the process of ordering swag to be dynamic and serve many purposes…with one goal: make the ordering process of quality swag better.

So, my suggestions are as follows:

  1. You can email your project to us (as traditionally done) and we send you an idea deck with simplified pricing and handle all the work for you. This is the preferred method of wineries, anyone going through rebranding, the busy admins who hate shopping…
  2. You can browse coolperx, create a wishlist and still send it over to us (kinda like a pintrest board) for more ideas or different branding options.
  3. You can order directly on coolperx…any time of day. This is helpful for clients who like to shop and find themselves needing to order at 10pm or on Sunday so they have something to report the next day.
  4. You can shop, create a wishlist and send it to your team or boss to make a final decision and check out. This way is great for those who have given their boss 40,000 options and he or she hates all of them.
  5. Mix and match. The great thing about coolperx is that you have flexibility. If you need to order with a PO, just let us know. If you don’t see something on the site, also let us know. We really do have the ability to logo just about everything.

No matter which way you order your branded merchandise, you can rely on the quality of product and the quality of service. Both things are incredibly important to us.

coolperx has taken the guess work out of decorating many products by making available only the best methods and best locations for decoration. If you have alternative needs, don’t hesitate to reach out…let us know how we can best help! And, if your logo comes to us and we have a better idea, you’ll hear it from our expert designers.

Here is what happens on our end when you reach out:

Project or order comes through – you are assigned (if you don’t have one already) a dedicated buying assistant. This is the ONE person that you have to call, email, chat with who can answer all your questions and give you feedback.

We verify that everything is perfect and send you a proof to approve.

We make sure your order is running smoothly and on time.

We send you tracking information and follow up after delivery!


Best ways to reach us:


Phone- 855-429-0455

Request a brainstorming session

Lunch-and-learn opportunities (in some locations)

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