Product Review: HMM Scissors

I have been in love with these scissors since we found them a year ago in New York. They don’t entirely fit in the promotional product world, the space for customization or branding is small at best, but they are beautiful. And, when clients ask me for unique corporate gifts, these are perfect.

It was nearly a year before I got my hands on my own pair. And, when they came in, I was a little worried. The edges don’t look very sharp. I thought, “crap, I’ve been telling people about these things for a year and they may not even work.” But, thankfully, they do. And, they work well.


The scissors that I got are the black ones. They are a carbon feeling material, matte black and you’re only able to see shiny metal on the cutting surface. While I initially thought these scissors weren’t sharp, that’s not the case. I can drag the scissors across any paper (even a Barbie box) and they run through it like you dream your wrapping paper experience will be. They sit firmly on the magnetic base (included) to stand upright on your desk. screenshot 2019-01-23 08.47.22


Why is this important? Because at about $50, you don’t want these things running off. Nor do you want them stashed in a drawer. What I’ve noticed about them though, is that no one runs off with them. They are so nice that when borrowed, they are immediately returned. I’m not talking about 3 hours later, they are back on my desk, on their base in less than 10 minutes every time. People know that they are something to respect. They have a place on my desk, they’re sculptural. They’re artistic. A friend of mine said they though these scissors were a decor piece of a stick figure couple hugging.

They also save me from having to buy and replace both a box cutter and scissors every week…this ends up being about $50 in just a matter of months anyway! The top notch is a box cutter. While it’s not an Exacto knife, it does it’s job. I’ve torn open 3 Amazon boxes this week with it. We used to replace both of these office supplies monthly because they’d get lost, borrowed or left in a box and recycled? Who knows. But, not these. I’ve never forgotten these in a box.


Administrators, Executive Assistants, Office Managers- opening packages constantly to distribute the latest office supply or custom hoodie, you need these more than anyone. And, you need these because they make you feel special. I like having something nice on my desk. These are both functional and beautiful and don’t take up much precious real estate. But, it feels good to have a $50 pair of scissors…I mean, who else has that?!

Receptionists- whether working at Amazon, Microsoft or a medical practice, you are opening boxes, mail, whatever craziness someone walks to your desk asking you to cut (thread…I’ve seen someone walk to a receptionist at Microsoft with thread hanging off the back of his shirt and things got personal). You won’t have to search drawers for these scissors. You can quickly complete these tasks and get back to the billion things you have left to do in your day.

Recruiters and anyone doing onboarding- when it comes to recruiting the best people, and making people feel special, giving your candidates and new hires something memorable will make a great first impression. Something like these scissors say that you care enough to get them something special, you aren’t just pulling another speaker out of a box and saying “welcome aboard.” You are telling them that the company and/or team is incredibly thoughtful, forward thinking, and that each team member is thought about when they join as well as throughout their career. A lot for a little pair of scissors!

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