Product Review: Pilot Frixion Ball Clicker Erasable Pen

Pens are one of the most taken for granted staples in your office supply drawer. They are everywhere. And, yet, having a bad one can irritate you beyond belief. But, does having a good one make that much of a difference in your life?

This answer is highly dependent on the writer. I prefer to have a reliable pen that I don’t have to spend too much money on. My usual pick is the Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport Roller. It’s uber reliable.

But, recently…especially with the recent reset we got with the new year and new habits I’m building, I’ve noticed that I’m wanting a little more flexibility in what I write. (AKA, I’m not achieving all the goals I have in my planner every day and sick of crossing them out and having to look at them throughout the month). I tried switching to a pencil, but my handwriting is never really great looking with a pencil. The lead isn’t smooth enough. So, when I miss meditating or my blog posts don’t get finished, or if a client has to reschedule or my daughter’s playdate gets cancelled or…life happens, my planner doesn’t have to look like I’m fighting with my life. I can simply erase what didn’t get done on a particular day and add it to another day. I’m LOVING this erasable pen.


The Pilot Frixion Ball Clicker Erasable Pen with a large (for a pen) imprint area, comes in both black and blue ink. The white barrel and light grey grip give it an approachable look. That sounds weird, but I’ve laid out a pile of pens in the middle of the table and people have always chosen ones that have a soft grip, aren’t too thin or thick and have a white barrel…every. time. This fits that bill.

fullsizeoutput_b8fThe blue ink writes like a traditional gel pen, albeit, one that dries very quickly. The ink is thin, so there is not smearing, either. The black ink writes in a graphite looking grey. It’s almost pencil lead color. I have smoother writing pens, but the trade-off here is that I can write confidently with this pen knowing I can erase any mistakes or changes later.

The “clicker” on this pen is a clear plastic clip on the side that slides down the barrel. Seth doesn’t love that, and I don’t think I did at first, but I grew to love the pen and he sticks with the Uni-Ball Jetstream Sport Roller.

On the top is the little eraser nub. I tried pressing this when I first got it, thinking that was how to “click” the pen. It doesn’t shed like a pencil eraser and I haven’t seen it change colors from all the erasing…it’s really good at hiding my mistakes.

The only negative I see with this pen is the ink only lasts about two months. I write a lot, so maybe I’m in the minority, especially since I used it to journal. But, my first black ink version of this pen did last about 45-50 days.


Everyone makes mistakes. It’s nice to be able to erase something, even when using a pen. This saved me from writing something in a card to a colleague that was a little too mushy. Imagine a world when you’re signing a birthday card for your boss and you accidentally sign “Love, Tom” and you can quickly erase “Love” since writing it in the card made your face extremely red and your pulse increase and your palms sweat. Gone. Just erased. Day saved.


Everyone in the whole world who writes. We all have been there. We have all had to scribble something out of a card or a note or a planner. It is so much nicer to not hand over scribbles on someone’s retirement party or birthday.

Unless you legally can’t erase (like chart notes in a medical clinic), this pen is the perfect, everyday writing instrument.

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