Your Bi-Weekly Branded Merchandise Idea List: 18 March 2019

Is it winter? Is it spring? Does anyone know?

Here are my favorite corporate gifts at the moment.

Product 1: Asobu Pour Over Coffee Makercapture d'écran 2019-01-23 06.04.21

For the simple fact that nearly everyone drinks coffee, and everyone likes nice things to have at their desk (it always makes me more motivated!), this is fantastic. We love it because elevating your experience in life is a passion of ours. And, your coffee drinking experience is no different. We personally sample beans from local roasters like Olympia Coffee and favorite staples like Ritual. We make pour overs every morning. It’s just part our day now. And, we have noticed that when we expand our palates, we start paying attention to more in our lives. We want to be better in every way. That’s a lot for just a coffee maker!

In the summer, this can be taken camping. In the winter, it’s nice to have the ability to make something warm and special at your desk! They are $50 decorated and shipped starting at 25 pieces.

Product 2: The North Face Thermoball Jacket

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.59.04No where else online will you be able to find The North Face retail line branded. We have exceptional standards, and while the promotional line of most of our favorite retail lines are good, why settle? This is how we feel about life, clearly (see above and how we enjoy coffee).

This lightweight puff is great for the changing seasons. It’s sleek and stylish. It is available in men’s and women’s with different cuts, making everyone feel confident while wearing it. And, who couldn’t use a confidence boost at the end of March?

The minimum order on these is 25 pieces. Including embroidery and shipping (as always, shipping is free), they run about $205 each.

Product 3: The Phone Lock BoxScreen Shot 2019-03-01 at 13.05.06

Is anyone (or everyone you know) trying to spend less time on their phone? This is a fun little giveaway that has huge branding potential. The lockbox will hold your phone…out of sight and hopefully, once you break that addiction, out of mind making you more productive, and probably happier in your day.

It’s clever, yet useful. If you really want to make it hard to use your phone, have an office buddy set the passcode for your lock box and you have no way to get in!

With a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces and a 1 color logo, these will run you about $16 each.

Product 4: SuctionBank Wireless Powerbank

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 13.33.42For a spin on the suction power banks that are out there, this one is wireless! Whether your phone has wireless charging capabilities, this custom powerbank can be used (and stuck on) with any phone. And, it won’t get lost if you stick it to your fridge for emergencies. While most of the dangerous stormy weather has passed us on the west coast, the east coast will be entering hurricane season and powerbanks are a great gift for employees in regions where power is lost due to storms.

These have a low minimum order quantity of 12 pieces and come fully decorated for $31.

Product 5: The Kaplan Tech OrganizerScreen Shot 2019-03-01 at 13.29.23

I will always love the Ruckman Roll for my traveling organization needs, but when I found this, I remembered how many things I actually travel with. And, with airlines adding more fees and reducing space everywhere, organization is even more important while traveling. I can just pull this out of my bag if I have to stow it, so that I have my necessities on flight. I can also use it as a carry-all to meetings.

The branded organizer is $22 at 25 pieces, including engraving.

As always, we are available to come in for a show-and-tell of all the new products! Book here.

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