Branded Merchandise for Health and Wellness

I heard on the radio that most of us have already given up on our New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s recommit together and encourage our teams to stick it out. Resolutions were made to improve our lives…we know we need change, so let’s do this!

For these and any other branded merchandise options, you can reach out to me- or the team-

Product 1: Custom Blender Bottle

We found these in a few different options…these are the two I love the most. One is the insulated stainless steel, keeping your protein shake cold for us slow drinkers. And, the other comes with stackable containers that allow you to put your protein powder or drink mix in a sealed compartment and add it to the water later. No bulky jars or bags to carry to work, no wasteful baggies, and no warm, separated smoothies. Currently, these are only available to us through our custom site…but, we are working on making them available on coolperx!

Product 2: Alternative Bound Journal

For your avid journalers, those who are interested in writing or any teams who prioritize mental health, a really nice journal is often motivating. I take things much more seriously when they come in nice packages. These are on coolperx for $40 including decoration (and shipping, of course) at 25 pieces.ALTERNATIVE BOUND JOURNAL custom branded - coolperx.pngProduct 3: Felt Bookmark

This product is on coolperx for $8 decorated at 50 pieces. For events and campaigns, it’s a great way to get you name on something custom that has staying power. We have these in felt and leather, so the pressure is on to read more! Bill Gates reads, do you?

Branded merchandise custom felt bookmark

Product 4: Icebreaker Helix Vest

If you have a goal to run more, you need a vest. And, what a better way to show your team support in achieving their personal goals by getting them a branded vest like this Icebreaker Helix Vest. They are $205 after embroidery on coolperx at 12 pieces.


Product 5: Tech Duffel

As far as gym bags go, this one has been a popular one. At under $40 each, the price point is comfortable for just about any budget. And, having a gym bag sitting at your door, relentlessly reminding you to exercise is a quick way to motivate your team to hit the gym!Custom TECH DUFFEL coolperx

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