What is Everyone Buying???

Have you ever wondered if your swag is on trend, or better…ahead of the trends? Well, we have the secrets here.

Current trends:

Amazon custom hoodie_coolperx Independent special blend hoodieIndependent Special Blend Hoodie ~$25 each

We work with one client from Amazon who bought this last year and had everyone raving about it. Her colleagues tried to order similar sweatshirts for slightly less money and regretted it. Now, we have 32 new Amazon clients…just because of this hoodie.

Privacy Microphone Blocker Custom_branded merchandise coolpers.pngPrivacy Microphone Blocker ~$4 each

We are all set with our webcam covers. This is the next step in privacy. This year, this product has been purchased nearly every single day. If you’ve yet to get a webcam cover you like, I recommend this one. It has a low price point and has the best reviews from our clients.


SpinSocket + Mount ~$16 each

This combines the popsocket functionality, the fidget spinner fascination and the need for diving safety. Everyone I’ve shown this to has ordered it! I even have one for myself.

t-mobile swag_branded merchandise coolpers

InCharge All-in-One~$6 each

This tiny piece of branded merchandise packs a marketing punch. It’s functional. It’s branding area is giant for it’s size. It is innovative. It’s still a very unique. It’s another item that just sells out, yet none of the clients I’ve showed it to have seen it.Incharge branding area_coolperx swag

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