The Spirit of Giving…

Because of the nature of my job, I’m often asked to translate personal and business gestures. Gift giving is a huge topic. I’m asked about the giving and receiving of gifts on a weekly, if not daily basis.

So, in sitting with the questions, I’ve landed on these thoughts.

Giving a gift should be a genuine act of kindness and generosity. Period. Sure, in business, you want your recipient to be loyal to you, you want them to rave to their community that you are the best business out there…but, how do you get that if you aren’t being genuine with your gift giving?

Both personal gifts and business gifts should be mostly about the recipient, but I’d offer that you can add a little you in the gift as well. For example, our clients love getting special chocolate bars from us. In reality, sugar acts like a drug in your brain and chocolate soothes stress…so nearly everyone likes chocolate. But, rather than just buying our clients a treat, we bring them chocolate that gets people thinking…because that’s what we’re all about. Our gifts of chocolate have been ones we’ve sampled, tasted, made notes about and deemed special. Part of our value system, our internal belief system is that finding these small moments of presence, the ability to step outside of busy life and taste cinnamon or raspberry in a bar of chocolate whose only ingredients are chocolate and cane sugar give us all the ability to explore what we know about our own world. I realize that’s a big ask for a chocolate bar, but if you’re doubting it…then we must not have met yet.

In business, if your gift recipient doesn’t feel that you are trying to share your business with them because you believe so much in it, then your gift will fall flat. Best case scenario, they’ll use your gift, but they probably won’t think of you. Worst case, and typical case, it ends up unused, thrown away or sent to the nearest Goodwill.

Your giveaway can be something as inexpensive as promotional sunglasses or a custom pen. I don’t think cost plays a factor in gift giving. But, if you are giving away something you bought online because it was the first and cheapest thing you found, your gift will not reach it’s full potential…and possibly wasted your money.

coolperx was created because we know your time is valuable and shopping online is easier than reaching out to a vendor. What we did with product selection for you is what we did with chocolate for our clients. We went through millions of products, traveled the world and gave several of our products to our 7 year old for thorough testing. So, when you order your gifts on coolperx, you can actually be giving a gift. That’s what we mean by “gift something better.”

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