Swag for Upcoming Holidays and Celebrations- June

Gay Pride Month

Order: Rainbow Strap Cotton Tote (minimum 50, ~$13.25)

RAINBOW STRAP COTTON TOTE branded merchandise.png

Father’s Day (16th)

Order: Carhartt 18 Can Cooler (minimum 12, ~$70)

CARHARTT 18 CAN COOLER branded merchandise

National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Order: Cat treat jar with magnet (custom item, reach out for information hello@kreativogroup.com)

custom cat treat jar with custom branded magnet

Candy Month

Order: Custom Candy Pouches (minimum 100, ~$2.50)

Custom Branded Candy Pouches - SourPatch Kids

National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Order: Super Natural Eco Tote (minimum 50, ~$8)

Super Natural Eco Tote - custom tote bag


National Gardening Week (1st Week)

Order: Custom Garden Tool Bag (minimum 25, ~$18)Custom Garden Tool Bag - custom tool bag


International Picnic Day (18th)

Order: Custom Picnic Backpack (custom item, reach out for information hello@kreativogroup.com)Custom Picnic Backpack


Email Week (2nd Week)

Order: The Most Ergonomic Mouse Pad (minimum 100, ~$9)

The Most Ergonomic Mouse Pad - custom mouse pad.png

National Trails Day (1st)

Order: Finley Mill Multi Tool (minimum 25, ~$17.50)

Finley Mill Multi Tool Custom _ coolperx

Nursing Assistant’s Day (9th)

Order: RuMe Reveal Quart + Burt’s Bees (minimum 50, ~$34)RuMe Reveal Quart + Burt's Bees Gift Set custom

Aquarium Month

Order: Speckled Insulated Water Bottle (minimum 25, ~$19)


National Yo-Yo Day (6th)

Order: Custom Yo-Yo

Custom yoyo yo-yo.png

National Splurge Day (18th) **Hello end-of-fiscal year swag opportunities!**

Order: Lomo’Instant and Lenses (Sanremo Edition) ~$150

Lomo'Instant and Lenses (Sanremo Edition)

National Kissing Day (19th)

Order: EOS Lip Balm Stick ~$4.00

EOS Lip Balm Stick custom.png

National Selfie Day (21st)

Order: Matte Personal Mirror ~$2.50

Matte personal mirror_custom compact mirror

Sunglasses Day (27th)

Order: Pride Sunglasses with Rainbow Logo  ~$4.50Pride custom sunglasses rainbow logo




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