Swag for Upcoming Holidays and Celebrations- June

Gay Pride Month

Order: Rainbow Strap Cotton Tote (minimum 50, ~$13.25)

RAINBOW STRAP COTTON TOTE branded merchandise.png

Father’s Day (16th)

Order: Carhartt 18 Can Cooler (minimum 12, ~$70)

CARHARTT 18 CAN COOLER branded merchandise

National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Order: Cat treat jar with magnet (custom item, reach out for information hello@kreativogroup.com)

custom cat treat jar with custom branded magnet

Candy Month

Order: Custom Candy Pouches (minimum 100, ~$2.50)

Custom Branded Candy Pouches - SourPatch Kids

National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Order: Super Natural Eco Tote (minimum 50, ~$8)

Super Natural Eco Tote - custom tote bag


National Gardening Week (1st Week)

Order: Custom Garden Tool Bag (minimum 25, ~$18)Custom Garden Tool Bag - custom tool bag


International Picnic Day (18th)

Order: Custom Picnic Backpack (custom item, reach out for information hello@kreativogroup.com)Custom Picnic Backpack


Email Week (2nd Week)

Order: The Most Ergonomic Mouse Pad (minimum 100, ~$9)

The Most Ergonomic Mouse Pad - custom mouse pad.png

National Trails Day (1st)

Order: Finley Mill Multi Tool (minimum 25, ~$17.50)

Finley Mill Multi Tool Custom _ coolperx

Nursing Assistant’s Day (9th)

Order: RuMe Reveal Quart + Burt’s Bees (minimum 50, ~$34)RuMe Reveal Quart + Burt's Bees Gift Set custom

Aquarium Month

Order: Speckled Insulated Water Bottle (minimum 25, ~$19)


National Yo-Yo Day (6th)

Order: Custom Yo-Yo

Custom yoyo yo-yo.png

National Splurge Day (18th) **Hello end-of-fiscal year swag opportunities!**

Order: Lomo’Instant and Lenses (Sanremo Edition) ~$150

Lomo'Instant and Lenses (Sanremo Edition)

National Kissing Day (19th)

Order: EOS Lip Balm Stick ~$4.00

EOS Lip Balm Stick custom.png

National Selfie Day (21st)

Order: Matte Personal Mirror ~$2.50

Matte personal mirror_custom compact mirror

Sunglasses Day (27th)

Order: Pride Sunglasses with Rainbow Logo  ~$4.50Pride custom sunglasses rainbow logo




Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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