Product Review: Frequency Bluetooth Speaker

This product was super cool. It is large enough to play heavy metal and not sound like you’re hooked up to the can + wire deal that you tried in 3rd grade with your neighbor.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase with this product didn’t last. This is why we try products before selling them.



The custom bluetooth speaker with a geometric patterned grill is very sleek. It has capacitive touch sensors for the “play” “forward/+” and “back/-” buttons. It pairs easily with your phone, a woman’s voice saying “bluetooth paired successfully” lets you know. It’s not my favorite voice, but that’s such a minor detail that I hesitated adding it to the review. But, I’ve had clients who are really picky about this. If it bothered my husband, it’s worth noting…and it did.

The bluetooth speaker sounded really great playing music because it was a little larger than most of the branded speakers we sell. This was something that I never really knew about until I began comparing speakers.

The problem began about a month after we started using the Frequency Bluethooth Speaker. When paired with my phone, the speaker replayed the same song. Occasionally, it wouldn’t even get to the end of the song before starting the song over. We made sure that the song wasn’t on repeat, then tried another custom speaker we had lying around. That one worked great and finished the entire playlist without skipping a beat…more on that in a minute.

This is a bummer because this speaker looks so cool. We will be working with the manufacturer to see if they can make this better!


Since I’m not recommending this product at this time, I’m going to list the ‘why’s’ of ordering custom branded bluetooth speakers and which ones I do recommend.

Custom bluetooth speakers make a great gift because people don’t buy them for themselves. These gifts get used by the recipient while they are cleaning their homes, doing yard work, camping, exercising…and appreciating your gift and how you were so thoughtful to give them something that adds happiness to their days.

The speakers I do recommend:

OrigAudio Boxanne Cutom Bluetooth Speaker_coolperx.comOrigAudio’s Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker. At a great price point with so many decoration options, this speaker is hard to beat. The size does come with the challenge of making heavy metal sound metallic (pun intended), but it’s a great alternative to using your phone to keep you entertained at a party. It can get loud! We take ours camping every summer and enjoy it around the yard.

LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker. This one is much nicer than the other two speakers. But, it’s also well worth it. It’s a retail brand and the product looks and sounds like retail. This makes a great gift.LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker Custom coolperx


Branded bluetooth speakers are a great gift for anyone with them in their budget…and coolperx has a lot to choose from, so the budget doesn’t have to be huge.

Recruiters: Recruiting these days is tough. People have jobs, companies are growing very quickly…the competition is fierce. It’s not enough to have a great job available for people, you’re competing like colleges do for world class athletes. Bluetooth speakers span generations because everyone enjoys music…so your program doesn’t have to cater to each recruit. And, they are unique enough to get people’s attention.

B2B Sales: Branded merchandise for B2B sales usually comes in the form of awards. Why? Because awarding someone is a way to create loyalty while advertising that you’re a good partner for your award recipient. The award sits in their office with your name on it (and theirs) telling the whole world that you respect and appreciate those who work with you. It’s wins all around. But, my favorite way to award people is with a gift set. And, bluetooth speakers are special enough to sit nicely next to an award. In the past we have done custom notes, awards and one-off bluetooth speakers in boxes and drop shipped to the awardees. If this is something you’d like assistance with, reach out to us at

PTSA and school districts: Hear me out. When it comes to appreciation week, these parents rally. The school district works hard throughout the year to best manage how and what our kids learn. These appreciation gifts are so necessary. As part of the PTSA and having been in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week, I’ve seen teachers get everything from a stationary set to a $400 gift card. I’ve always thought it would be nice to get this more organized. And, ordering ‘thank you’ gifts that are more uniform makes all the staff feel good. Raising money right after the holidays would give everyone the time to do this, plus, parents feel extremely grateful when school starts again! Remaining funds could be “bonuses” for particular teachers who are well loved and whose effort should be rewarded exponentially.

Tourism boards: Branded merchandise with a city flag or logo is one of my favorite things to do. And, more than that, I love running into someone with a Seattle shirt or bag when I’m in Chicago. It makes me feel connected to them…and the world. Custom bluetooth speakers work well in this space because people use them at parks and the beach and while camping…all social things. And, adding music to any social event makes you a hero. So, town counsel members…be the heroes and gift music around town.

Military & MWR: For the same reason as above…plus, it’s really great to have music after all your stereo stuff has been boxed up. Been there too many times.

Administrators and Executive Assistants: You often find yourself in a corner between the wall of the budget and the wall of the desires and expectations of your team. Bluetooth speakers, nice bluetooth speakers fit into this corner. They are often right in price point and are loved by the masses. They are easy to store and easy to distribute.

Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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