Did you give out socks last year and now you’re trying to find follow up swag?

Socks are a great giveaway. They have a huge space for branding. Everyone wears them. They don’t have to be entirely size dependent (ahem, shirts). They’re unisex. They’re inclusive. They’re everything you need in a giveaway for under $20…

But, because they were such a hit last year, you have no clue what to do this year! Here is a list of items that I’ve found to be successful for our clients.

Product 1: Lomography Simple Use Camera ~$20Custom giveaway branded camera Lomography Simple Use Camera

These are by far my favorite item this summer. While you can’t fully customize till 2,000 quantity, for under $20, these are the perfect summer picnic giveaway. They work similar to the disposable cameras of the 90s. Point, click, take film to the nearest Walgreens. But, they are reusable. So, you don’t lose the whole product when you turn in the film. You turn in the film and while you’re there, pick up a new 35mm roll and experience the fun all over!

Product 2: The Branded Cable ~$20Custom branded cable USB Type C Lightening

At 3 ft. in length, these cables are highly useful. With Apple changing out the lightening cable and so many of our clients and teams somewhere lost in the shuffle, this is a universal charger. It has a Type-C, lightening and the micro USB. So, everyone can charge till the phone companies make up their minds and we all catch up.

Product 3: Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder ~$20Custom Ulla Hydration Reminder Branded

This small device comes with a band that wraps around any glass or bottle and reminds  you when you need to drink water. It blinks, you drink. Once per hour. This is a great summer giveaway. It’s easily packable and it’s a pretty quick turn around. This is about a 2 week total timeline! So, if you’re on a team with too many cooks in the kitchen and you miss out on great stuff due to late decisions, this is probably the best item on the list for you.

Product 4: JLab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones ~$20

JLab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones Custom Branded

Remember how soft the walkman headphones were? Maybe you don’t, but these are. They’re the second item on this list that is an “I love the 90s” homage. For those of us who are old enough to remember, we are all finding a lot of fun in the nostalgia. JLab Custom Branded Rewind Wireless Retro HeadphonesBut, for the younger generations, the interns and the new hires…these are already becoming staples in their own collection of trending products. They work great because they are JLab. The branding is small, subtle, an engraving in the metal at the top of your head making these perfect for teams who don’t want something too branded.


Product 5: Click+ ~$20

Click+ Custom remote shutter programmable button

We’ve all been searching for a unique tech product that can be branded and also appreciated. This is it. For a custom gift, this ends up being unique to each recipient. It it programmable to be a remote shutter for selfies, a button to turn on your music or shut off your alarm (keeping your phone out of arm’s reach at night), or use it to find your phone! There are multiple programmable options- one, two and three clicks all mean different things once programmed.

Product 6: Ruckman Roll ~$20

Ruckman roll Custom OrigAudio Black

I have written about this one before. It’s still such a great product. It’s one of our biggest sellers. It’s easy to pack, store, it’s very functional. It has branding, but it’s not outrageous. Everyone loves it. It doesn’t sit in closets or get sent to Goodwill… These are all things that are are really important in your swag selection. These come in denim or a black nylon with a leatherette patch where your logo can be debossed. There is a zipper pouch and four cable snaps. This one is a no-brainer. Who couldn’t use more organization in their lives??

Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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