Product Review: Ulla Hydration Reminder

If you recently received a summer swag idea from me, you know about the Ulla. A funny little name for a funny looking little device. It’s about the size of a puffed up guitar pick in hight and length, comes with a clear silicone band that slides into the product to keep it on your glass or water bottle.Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder Custom Giveaway_coolperx

I’m really digging this as a promotional giveaway. While it does have a $20 or so price point, it’s so easily transported and since it comes in a retail package, it’s easy to give, too.


So, what exactly is the Ulla Hydration Reminder? It’s not another branded water bottle, it is a device that, when placed on one of those custom bottles you’ve gotten as swag in the last few years reminds you to drink water.

It comes with a battery already installed and once it’s delivered, you can pull out the piece of plastic to get the battery going. The battery is replaceable and is going to last about 6 months.

Once you put the band around your water bottle or glass, the Ulla will flash if it hasn’t felt movement in an hour. The flash is not offensive. It’s subtle enough to have on your desk without alerting people around you. It also is silent…making it great for shared spaces.Ulla Microsoft_coolperx

Since it’s the size of your big toe, it doesn’t have a ton of space to decorate, but a logo looks nice and clean imprinted on it.

Mine is black and looks pretty good with my white water bottle, but the Ulla comes in a variety of colors. Each time I drink from the bottle, the little light reinforces my good habit. It lights for just a second to let me know it caught that gulp.Ulla black custom gift_coolperx


Finding giveaways that are useful, unique, thoughtful, have the potential to improve someone’s life, are easy to giveaway, are easy for people to leave with and travel with…these are tall orders. And, these are the requests I most often receive. The Ulla qualifies in all of these categories. It’s the promotional product unicorn.Ulla Package_coolperx


Hospitals – these are great gifts for your hospital staff. Keeping them hydrated when they spend hours on their feet is a win for everyone. If increased water consumption is supposed to help in the prevention of illness, fatigue and who knows what else, what’s $20? You just figured out a branded gift that shows you care about your employee’s health and wellness, space and you’ve not gotten something so ubiquitous that it feels like an obligatory gift…AND, you figured out how to reduce their sick and unproductive hours. That’s a win-win if I’ve ever heard one. Your nurses don’t need an e-card pat on the back. They don’t want a pin for their lanyards. They want to do their jobs well and make sure their patients are well taken care of…so, give them a custom gift that reflects the pride in the place they work as well as takes care of them!

Admins and tech companies – it’s a gift that works for the span of generations of recipients, can travel the globe, meet all the afore mentioned qualifications (travels well, useful, benefits people…), works for advertising and employee engagement. It’s easy to store, it’s easy to give. It makes this seemingly small part of your job so much simpler.

Banks – As far as client gifts go, again, this one is easy. Its $20 price point makes it affordable for a new client gift and it’s size and packaging makes it easy to store.

Schools and School Districts – the price on this makes it not a great student giveaway, but for the same reasons I suggest it for nurses, I suggest it for teachers. Hydration is a great way to keep teachers healthy. They are around all of our kids and the nasty bugs that go around the community. They also have to talk a lot. Giving them something that will remind them to drink water helps them better do their jobs. And, teachers love teaching. They want to talk and mold our kids. Giving them a gift that takes care of them is great goes a long way in showing our appreciation.

Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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