Kreativo is now coolperx

When Kreativo began, we were bringing innovative marketing materials and creative solutions to the wine, beverage and spirit industries. As we grew, and thanks to our clients for being our greatest referrals, we were called into other industries (tech, travel, services, healthcare, education…) to confer and bring our creativity to their branded merchandise needs.


Coolperx was developed as a response to the needs our clients had in their branded merchandise shopping. They needed a dynamic online catalog that had enough variety but not an extensive vortex engulfing their time. They needed flexible solutions to pay for their swag items…as cards have limits, and purchase orders take time they may not have. They needed guidance on finding inclusive swag. They needed to find the best promotional items to engage their teams. And, for this and a whole host of other reasons we developed our online platform.

The name coolperx rang so true to us. Our mission is to provide highly conscientious branded merchandise to our clients so they can best engage and connect with their employees and clients. We are bringing the meaning of giving to promotional gifts. We are helping our clients make lasting impressions and reducing the wasteful purchases that end up in landfills across the country. The custom gifts we provide are meant to connect people to the company, to the mission and are what we call “perks (perx)” of our affiliation. If your team has an event coming up, we want the swag to really induce excitement, to feel like a perk…that’s where we really shine. Our merchandise options are going to be different than the ones you see everywhere else because we take the time to source our products from very different places. When we say, “gift something better” we really mean that we want your embroidery to look great, your seams not to fall apart, and your floating speaker to float! We go to great lengths so you can gift something better.

And, while we still do at least half our work within the wine and spirits industry, we continue to grow and provide our clients the best perx for their branded merchandise projects.

We are now known simply as coolperx. Visit us online, or shop with us for a completely different buying experience. And, let us know what you think! All of our updates have been to improve the lives of our clients.

Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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