Product Review: Beach Eyes Sunglasses

This summer has been a great mix of 90’s nostalgia and earthy materials. I love these kinds of trends!

We were tasked by a client to find a really nice, really small gift for their team who was going on a retreat. They wanted something useful, packable, and had a budget of around $60 per person.

I found these sunglasses and tested them out.

What:BeachEyes-facebook custom wood sunglasses

At around $50 a pair, these custom wood sunglasses would be considered a high end gift. They are carved from a single piece of wood, making them more durable…reportedly. I’m taking some of this from the manufacturer’s description here.

They are definitely light weight, something I was concerned about. Doesn’t it seem like wood sunglasses could be heavy?

When they came in, the engraving looked great, the woodgrain looked great…the polarized lenses, not so much.

If you don’t understand polarization of lenses, here is a brief and simple explanation as I understand it. Polarized lenses filter light from horizontal surfaces, making them great for beach activities. The lens is treated with a special film that should be aligned with how you see…horizontally and uniform. However, this doesn’t always happen. Poor quality in the polarization process can cause misalignment with the film and your vision, unevenly filtering light.

That’s what happened to these sunglasses. The lenses were dark in a semicircle in the bottom corners of the lenses.

I put the sunglasses on and, even with my average sized head, found them to be much too wide to stay up. It’s like a kid putting on their parent’s sunglasses…it just doesn’t work. This one-size-fits-most doesn’t fit any of the 4 people I asked to try the sunglasses on!


Sunglasses are a small, packable, useful gift that can be nice. But… are these.

What I did suggest instead:

The Lexon Track Travel Wallet ~$30 each

These are great because they help keep all your travel documents organized and accessible as you’re traveling. They’re small, within budget for this project and they are really useful.

I love the blue…it’s just a little different, it doesn’t hide in your black bag and it’s still so classic.

The Lexon Oslo Energy ~$50 eachOslo_energy-custom wireless power charging station and bluetooth speaker

It fits the request for small and useful and packable and within the budget. But, it’s unique as a travel gift. I love listening to music in the shower. I make sure I’m not using too much water by keeping my shower down to one song…and I’m not talking Bohemian Rhapsody. Additionally, I’m always in need of multiple plugs when I’m traveling. So, being able to place my phone on a wireless charger and plug in my laptop and headphones makes life easier on a busy trip.

This Nimble Wireless Stand ~$55

I may have suggested multiple Lexon products, but Nimble is my new favorite manufacturer. They have really prioritized sustainability with their products.

Wireless-Stand_nimble custom gift

Since I use my phone as an alarm, and I travel without my child, having my phone upright so I can see the screen at anytime I want is really helpful. I plug this into the bedside outlet and can tap my phone screen to see any important texts…or just the time in the middle of the night if I needed to. I can also use the additional port to charge my watch or my husband’s phone (since his doesn’t charge wirelessly).

I’m also a huge fan of items like this that can bridge the gap between items that need to be plugged in to be charged and the movement to have all things charge wirelessly. So, even if the whole team doesn’t have newer phones, they can still plug in. And, when they do upgrade, they’ll already have their first wireless charging station…thanks to you!

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones ~$55

sony noise cancelling headphones custom giftsThese are great for travel. And life. They’re sleek and when branded with a black or grey logo, they are subtle, yet enough to get everyone to notice.

Plus, if you really want sunglasses, we can order Ray Bans or do some cheaper ones in addition to any of these products and still be within the $60 budget!


Admins everywhere – Every industry has some form of travel to retreats or conferences. Small, useful gifts that are packable leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Author: Lu Cysewski

I'm working to eliminate the wasteful swag that ends up in landfills with education and curated gift options that are intentional and help us all feel more connected to the businesses we interact with.

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