Gift Ideas from CES

If you haven’t been following my Instagram, you’ve missed out on several noteworthy items from this year’s CES. So, before diving into this post, please take a minute to follow me @coolperx on Instagram and Facebook. This was our first CES experience, though it had been on our list of must-dos for the last few... Continue Reading →

Product Review: $5 Water Bottle

Of the thousands of products I test and blog about, this one has to be a top runner for frustrating swag. It’s not that I ever expected an inexpensive water bottle to blow me away, I’m frustrated because the only reason I’m sampling it is because a non-profit came to me last year and asked... Continue Reading →

The Best Summer Swag

I love finding merchandise for branded gift giving. When there are endless possibilities of gifts to slap a logo on, why is anyone giving a third water bottle this year?? This summer, the top swag options are: Lomography Simple Use Camera (~$20) Meori Foldable Lunchbox Cooler (~$30) Strideline Classic Socks (~$10) Nimble Sustainable Power Banks... Continue Reading →

Kreativo is now coolperx

When Kreativo began, we were bringing innovative marketing materials and creative solutions to the wine, beverage and spirit industries. As we grew, and thanks to our clients for being our greatest referrals, we were called into other industries (tech, travel, services, healthcare, education...) to confer and bring our creativity to their branded merchandise needs.  ... Continue Reading →

Reusable Straws: An Opinion Piece

We all are aware that the disposable plastic straws you get at McDonald's and Starbucks are killing sea turtles and littering our streets. They need to be done away with. We are trying to get rid of all forms of plastics in our daily lives. But, this straw thing comes across my desk at least... Continue Reading →

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