What is Everyone Buying???

Have you ever wondered if your swag is on trend, or better...ahead of the trends? Well, we have the secrets here. Current trends: Independent Special Blend Hoodie ~$25 each We work with one client from Amazon who bought this last year and had everyone raving about it. Her colleagues tried to order similar sweatshirts for... Continue Reading →

Swag for Upcoming Holidays and Celebrations- May

Mother's Day (12th) Order: Tumi Abilene Double Zip Pouch (minimum 12, ~$130) Order by: April 9th National Rescue Dog Day (20th) Order: Carabiner Dog Bag Dispenser (minimum 300, ~$3.25) Order by: April 25th Memorial Day (27th) Order: Basecamp Arctic Utility Pen (minimum 25, ~$23) Order by: April 15th Armed Forces Day (18th) Order: High Sierra... Continue Reading →

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