What is Everyone Buying???

Have you ever wondered if your swag is on trend, or better...ahead of the trends? Well, we have the secrets here. Current trends: Independent Special Blend Hoodie ~$25 each We work with one client from Amazon who bought this last year and had everyone raving about it. Her colleagues tried to order similar sweatshirts for... Continue Reading →

Product Review: HMM Scissors

I have been in love with these scissors since we found them a year ago in New York. They don’t entirely fit in the promotional product world, the space for customization or branding is small at best, but they are beautiful. And, when clients ask me for unique corporate gifts, these are perfect. It was... Continue Reading →

Product Review: 2-Piece Web Cam Cover

I have had more requests for webcam covers this month than I've ever gotten for anything. I'm wondering if a 60 Minutes special featured something to make this push... One thing I do know is not all branded webcam covers are created equal. We've replaced many-a-cheap custom webcam cover that clients have purchased online with... Continue Reading →

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