Pride Month Swag

Diversity is extremely important to me, to the community, to the world and I'm sure to you as well. If it weren't for diverse thought, we wouldn't have automobiles, let alone electric ones. We wouldn't have thriving forests or beautiful gardens. We wouldn't have humanity at all. So, celebrating diversity, in all forms is one... Continue Reading →

Why we’re giving you a glassybaby

Coolperx is a relatively new division, started last year as a result of our clients really looking for a better way to find and buy branded merchandise. In taking meetings, polling and asking so many questions over the last few years, we were really able to hone in on the types of things our clients... Continue Reading →

Product Review: glassybaby

The first time I ever heard the term glassybaby I was living in North Carolina and thought my mom was crazy for spending so much on a votive. She, of course, disregarded my indignation for the “very special gift” and bought a dozen of them for her colleagues. But, the first time I received one,... Continue Reading →

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