Pride Month Swag

Diversity is extremely important to me, to the community, to the world and I'm sure to you as well. If it weren't for diverse thought, we wouldn't have automobiles, let alone electric ones. We wouldn't have thriving forests or beautiful gardens. We wouldn't have humanity at all. So, celebrating diversity, in all forms is one... Continue Reading →

Swag for Upcoming Holidays and Celebrations- June

Gay Pride Month Order: Rainbow Strap Cotton Tote (minimum 50, ~$13.25) Father's Day (16th) Order: Carhartt 18 Can Cooler (minimum 12, ~$70) National Adopt-a-Cat Month Order: Cat treat jar with magnet (custom item, reach out for information Candy Month Order: Custom Candy Pouches (minimum 100, ~$2.50) National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month Order: Super... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Giving…

Because of the nature of my job, I'm often asked to translate personal and business gestures. Gift giving is a huge topic. I'm asked about the giving and receiving of gifts on a weekly, if not daily basis. So, in sitting with the questions, I've landed on these thoughts. Giving a gift should be a... Continue Reading →

What is Everyone Buying???

Have you ever wondered if your swag is on trend, or better...ahead of the trends? Well, we have the secrets here. Current trends: Independent Special Blend Hoodie ~$25 each We work with one client from Amazon who bought this last year and had everyone raving about it. Her colleagues tried to order similar sweatshirts for... Continue Reading →

Swag for Upcoming Holidays and Celebrations- May

Mother's Day (12th) Order: Tumi Abilene Double Zip Pouch (minimum 12, ~$130) Order by: April 9th National Rescue Dog Day (20th) Order: Carabiner Dog Bag Dispenser (minimum 300, ~$3.25) Order by: April 25th Memorial Day (27th) Order: Basecamp Arctic Utility Pen (minimum 25, ~$23) Order by: April 15th Armed Forces Day (18th) Order: High Sierra... Continue Reading →

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