Product Review: HMM Scissors

I have been in love with these scissors since we found them a year ago in New York. They don’t entirely fit in the promotional product world, the space for customization or branding is small at best, but they are beautiful. And, when clients ask me for unique corporate gifts, these are perfect. It was... Continue Reading →

Decoding Your Swag Ordering Process

The first of the “Decoding” series of posts...I have been asked to decode how to best order from coolperx. That answer really depends on the buyer’s preference. coolperx was developed as a tool in the process of ordering swag to be dynamic and serve many purposes...with one goal: make the ordering process of quality swag... Continue Reading →

Product Review: 2-Piece Web Cam Cover

I have had more requests for webcam covers this month than I've ever gotten for anything. I'm wondering if a 60 Minutes special featured something to make this push... One thing I do know is not all branded webcam covers are created equal. We've replaced many-a-cheap custom webcam cover that clients have purchased online with... Continue Reading →

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